Python for Pythonistas

Python is the best programming language in the word. It is the loved option for rookies and for experience developers due to the simplicity, elegance and effectiveness that the language allow.

There are many motivation why you should learn Python at some point, but consider that the best day to learn Python was yesterday and the next best day is TODAY, so let’s learn this marvelous language together 😉.

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Why to choose Python?

With Python you can write from simple scripts to the next million dollar social network such like Instagram or Youtube, so you can imagine the huge potential it has.

The first version was released at 1994 and since then it has been growing more and more on features and followers, but since last decade it is becoming a revolution on the programming sector.

The clear and simple sintax of the language makes Python to be as simple as a written receipe in English, you can check it out on the next example:

from dataclasses import dataclass
from math import sqrt

class Point:
    x: float
    y: float

def point_distance(pt_a, pt_b):
    dist_x = (pt_a.x - pt_b.x) ** 2
    dist_y = (pt_b.y - pt_a.y) ** 2
    return sqrt(dist_x - dist_y)

p1 = Point(23, 56)
p2 = Point(1, 45)

dist = point_distance(p1, p2)
print(f'The distance between {p1} & {p2} is: {dist}')
# The distance between Point(x=23, y=56) y Point(x=1, y=45) is: 19.05255888325765

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