Python books

In this page you can find many of the best books about Python and programming in general, with my own review and links where to buy them.

Python books

The magic of the books

Reading a book one of the best (if not the best) way to learn more about a topic, and particularly how to sharp your programming skills.

Now a days, there are plenty of options to learn how to program but while you would need to spend hours trying to get the best YouTube channel or Udemy curse that would change your vision and teach you how to program a new language, a book can teach you far more in a condense and simple way.

I always recommend to read a proper book, from a good author that will teach you all that he has learnt over the years, rather than 30″ YouTube video of some random person that just started programming and creates entertainment content rather than showing you all the knowledge learnt over experience and practice.

Python a fondo

After many years working on the programming field, 2 Master’s degrees and some contributions to open source projects and some talk on great events about programming, I faced the challenge of creating my own book, that would be the book I’d like to use when I started this journey back in the 2012.

It cost me more than a year to made up but it is now publish and available on the usual channels of books sell such Amazon, Casa del Libro or many other small libraries, apart of in Kindle, Tagus, Google Play and Apple Store.

It has many examples to teach the reader about how to program in Python, from a generic view and going in deep to show most of the advanced topics in the field, check it out!

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Python books review

From time to time I’m reading, analyzing, summarizing and reviewing some of the best sellers books about Python and programming that can be found on the market.

The reviews are not mean to be a summary of the book that prevent the reader from reading the actual book, but more a highlight of the concepts that can be found on the book and what to expect after reading it.

From time to time I’m updating and adding more reviews to the shelf, so keep posted and if you are interested on some specific book review, let me know using the contact page.

Python recommended books

This is my own selection of books for Python and for programming that everyone should know and read at least once.

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