Due to the continuous requests I get from the different social media, linkedIn, Facebook and Instagram, I have decided to promote and centralize the services I’m open to offer at the moment on a single web page.

You can submit a request filling the form on at the bottom of this web page.

El Pythonista

The services are offered and done by me, Oscar Ramirez – El Pythonista – so I’ll introduce myself shortly:

I’m the author of the Python bestseller of Marcombo,Python a Fondo, I got my bachelor in Computer Science in 2011 and the Master’s Degree in 2016.

Since 2013 I have been developing solutions based on Software for private and public projects, launching apps from ground to production.

Furthermore I have been involved in different aspects since the hiring process to create my own department, designing my own apps and other languages decisions on critical matter for the companies I have been working on.

Since 2013 I have been involved in different roles and different positions accomplishing tasks such:

  • Designing product ideas and developing them from 0 by my own or with a team
  • I got involved on hiring processes
  • I have been managing a team of software engineers
  • I got the requirements from international clients and transformed them into products
  • I have been involved and gave ideas that affected critically on the company roadmap

Additionally to the development tasks, I also gave some mentorship and collaboration such:

  • I have mentored other software engineers (of different levels junior, mid and senior)
  • I have been invited to give talks on international events
  • I have teach on different courses, the last one at the Harbour Space University for the second year Bachelor in Computer Science

I have made some contribution on open source projects such Appertium or Django, among others and created many open source projects to contribute with the developing community.

You can check the entire professional career at LinkedIn using:

That’s so cool but let’s check the service I’m open to offer:

Groups mentoring and teaching

If you are looking for an excellent teacher with many years of experience to mentor or teach how is developing in Python or any other surrounding areas of the software development, you can contact me to arrange a mentoring/teaching period for your team.

Usually this kind of requests need to be arranged in advance and with some agenda and topics well defined. It usually is online but I’m open to do it on site if required and covered.

Consulting services for Python and development

When you or your team is stuck because of some technical decision or some issue that is not easy to approach, having the consulting services of an expert is the key to move fordware.

Common issues like:

  • Been stopped and having the development freeze as a developer or company
  • Unable to design the proper solution for your clients
  • Check with an expert with many years of professional experience how to approach an issue
  • Know what technologies should be used to implement a better solutions
  • Help on how to hire the right candidates for your job offer

This kind of services will be done short slots and should be accepted in advance

Teaching courses

I tend to accept some offers to teach groups on topic surrounding Python and software development such:

  • Python on the different levels: entry, medium or expert
  • Multiparadigm programming: procedural programming, object oriented, functional programming, etc.
  • Design of solutions: know how to design and implement some example applications is a great exercise to learn
  • Professional web development: as an expert on frameworks such Flask or Django, I feel quite comfortable teaching other students or engineers how to create awesome apps

The latest course I was teaching was on the Harbour Space University, on site on Barcelona for the second level Bachelor program.

Freelance development on Python and other technologies

If you have an idea in mind, or you need a boost on the development of a solution, I can help quite a lot on making things happen.

Usually this kind of requests will be taking a couple of months to be done and would require of all my expertise on the development, so please be sure that the proposal is real and you see the potential.

Apart from knowing about software development, I have been involved in many projects and created some by my own so my expertise is also gathering market insight, social media needs, marketing strategies and much more.

The great part is that if I see it with potential, likely will be a successful project 😉

The solutions I can provide can use some or all the next technologies mainly:

  • Pure python solution: APIs connections, transformation of data, manipulation of databases, and much more
  • Software design: from databases to technologies on the front/back-end I’m an expert to find the best tools for each project
  • Mobile applications: I have developed several successful mobile apps with Flutter that are having different backends to work with, so de solutions will share the same code but be available for Android and iOS devices
  • Python web development: this is my first field and where I feel more comfortable with, developing solutions with Django or Flask with the experience I have since 2013.

My latest project is infocoche, an app and web connected with multiple services services and serveral servers, to get the information of vehicles in seconds: y

Job offers promotion for developers

The community of El Pythonista is actually having around 9,000 followers between all the social networks it is present and more than 2,500 visits per month.

You can take advantage of all of these influence to promote your company job offers that you think are meaningful and honest for the developers following this brand.

The jobs offers should include some key points such:

  • Basic information about the company: name, country, size
  • Required technologies for the job: include the real needed and not only the trending one 😀
  • Salary range: it can be an approximation but serious offers should also publish how much are offering to reduce the time of finding the right candidate
  • Hiring plan: this is a short description of how is the hiring process and what would happen once the candidate is hired, like what will happen in 1, 3 and 6 months since the candidate is hired.
  • Company elevator pitch: take the advantage of selling or own company and why someone would be interested on work unconditionally for it

Product or services promotions

If you have a product or service that you think can benefit the community of El pythonista, feel free to contact me.

I’ll review it and we can make a plan to promote and share the great innovation that it provides on the different social networks or on the web.

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